Advent in a Bag - 2023 - DIY

Advent in a Bag - 2023 - DIY

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Advent in a Bag - 2023 Includes: 4 votive candles, 1 small Christ candle, Home Edition size Advent (5) color choice Dark Blue or Purple prints, (1) Bethlehem color print, felt for underlay, dividing sticks, unfinished wooden star, cardboard box ready for assembly, instructions for creating the DIY Advent at home kit.  House Blessing includes: Frankincense w/container, Myrrh w container, Gold Coins, Chalk, Blessing, contained in a gift bag.  Advent, Parent Pages, Epiphany Parent Pages, all items are included in a colored bag. 

NEW Advent in a Bag - 2023 quantity discount choose Purple or Dark Blue. Purchase 10 and save $30.00

Christmas is about children. Jerome Berryman says, “It celebrates you as a child, your children, your grandchildren (natural, adopted or befriended), and of course, God’s child. Christmas evokes the wonder of children and our wonder about them.”However, for children this time of year can be a kind of slow torture. The anticipation of the avalanche of presents on Christmas Day is just too much. And it starts earlier and earlier every year. Jerome Berryman offers all of us a way through….a way that gives wonder a chance to be experienced during this hectic time so, as he says, “it can ripen and produce a richness of Christmas never before realized… In the Church there are four weeks to get ready for Christmas called the season of Advent. The Godly Play lessons during Advent are a wonderful way for families to keep this season of anticipation and hope at home. Here is a link to a demonstration video to send to families: "Advent in a Bag" contains

  • A DIY version of the story
    • the Parent Pages for parents to use as they share the story with their children (and whoever else happens to be at home!) at home
    • Advent candles to light each week. 
    • We have also included a simple activity for Epiphany - the traditional chalking of the door and blessing for the home. 
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