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Vol 3 Revised and Expanded Book

Vol 3 Revised and Expanded Book

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Vol 3 Revised and Expanded Book includes:

Table of Contents


Lesson 1: Advent I

Lesson 2: Advent II

Lesson 3: Advent III

Lesson 4: Advent IV

Lesson 5: The Children's Liturgy for Christmas Eve

Lesson 6: The Mystery Christmas

Lesson 7: Epiphany

Lesson 8: Holy Baptism

Lesson 9: Parable of the Good Shepherd

Lesson 10: Parable of the Good Samaritan

Lesson 11: Parable of the Great Pearl

Lesson 12: Parable of the Sower

Lesson 13: Parable of the Leaven

Lesson 14: Parable of the Mustard Seed

Lesson 15: Side-by-Side Parables

Lesson 16: Parable of the Parables

Lesson 17: Parable of the Deep Well

Lesson 18: Parable Synthesis I

Lesson 19: Parable Synthesis II

Lesson 20: Making Silence 

Appendix A: The Foundational Literature for Godly Play
Appendix B: The Spiral Curriculum for Godly Play

Incorporates the latest in Godly Play's theory and practice. Revised lessons throughout, plus one brand-new lesson. Godly Play's is an imaginative approach to working with children, an approach that supports, challenges, nourishes, and guides their spiritual quest. It is more akin to spiritual direction guidance than to what we generally think of as religious education. 

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